Driving Force Technologies, Inc.

The Channel Enablement and Vendor Relationship Experts

With extensive knowledge and experience in the field of channel enablement, operations, development, and consulting, Driving Force Technologies' personnel are the team you need on your side. "DFT" was formed after several years of providing input into a variety of manufacturer's channel processes. Realizing that our experience was being sought out by industry giants toward the improvement of their existing programs, we formalized our consulting into a core focus group of professionals, driven by the desire to help our customers grow their channel partners and the resulting revenue therein. We are a driving force for your operation.
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We specialize in cultivating the relationship between a manufacturer and their sales partners.
Our personnel blend with your teams in a variety of ways, from the inward focused consultant, to the outward focused, transparent team member/leader. The ultimate goal behind the eventual placement of these personnel is the forwarding of your channel enablement efforts. We will take on the shirt that best fits the goals of the customer.
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